Teaching remuneration

Who receives remuneration for teaching?

Teaching load & separate teaching remuneration

Teaching is generally part of the area of responsibility for the scientific personal at an university. The collective agreement for employees defines for each employment group, if teaching is mandatory and up to which extend.

If teaching load is part of the employment contract, a separate remuneration will not be paid.

Depending on the particular employment contract, some groups will earn a separate remuneration.

The separate remuneration applies for the external lecturers, BOKU internal lecturers, person(s) who receive special remuneration and tutors (student assistants in teaching).

External teachers - Tutorials - Special remuneration

External lecturers (people without a BOKU-employment) and tutors (student assistants in teaching) receive their contracts per semester either form the department (especially student assistants in teaching) or by mail. The payment (monthly) will be activated after you returned the signed documents (contract AND confirmation about courses “Lehrabhaltemeldung”)

Internal lecturers (people with BOKU-employment but WITHOUT teaching load) receive the confirmation about their courses (Lehrabhaltemeldung) by BOKU-in-house mail around one month after the semester started. The payment (single payment at the end of the semester) will be activated after the signed documents (request for payment AND confirmation about courses “Lehrabhaltemeldung”) were sent back.

People who receive special remuneration (teachers in civil servant status) will get a list including their teaching entrustment before the payment of the special remuneration. In the winter term it is primarily for information and control, in the summer term (yearly calculation) a signed copy of that list suffices as evidence. The signed copy must be send to the department Administration of Teaching and Learning.

For further information:

Halving of the ASVG-Pensionsversicherungsbeitrags (retirement insurance contribution) by delay of retirement

The adjustment of the national social insurance act in 2016 includes some essential changes, the halving of the retirement insurance contribution by delay of retirement among others.

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