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Teaching entrustment

Teaching entrustment - general information, rules and prerequisites

General information

After the formal verification and possible amendments in BOKUonline, the individual teachers will be mandated with the teaching entrustment by the Vice Rector for Teaching and Continuing Education according to the yearly published regulations of teaching entrustment.

Prerequisites for teaching entrustment are, amongst other things:

  • Proven necessity of courses (e.g. status as a compulsory course in a study programme, sufficing examinations in the previous years,...)
  • Teaching duty of lecturer or sufficin financial coverage (for external teaching staff or other teaching staff with seperate remuneration)

Each teacher is requested, to check in time BEFORE the start of the academic year, if all applied courses of the next academic year are described and published correctly in BOKUonline.

In case of necessary changes in the teaching entrustment outside the planning phase are to be reported via E-Mail to: beauftragung.bokuonline(at)

Courses, which are not taking place due to insufficient student registrations (< five) are to be reported via E-Mail! The cancellation of course units are automatically leading to a cancellation of the course itself.