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Course planning

Planning of the courses for the next academic year

Course planning schedule

Information about the single steps of the general schedule for the course planning will be explained here. A PDF version is also available.

Course planning - processes and time frames

General information and the three phases of the course planning:

  1. The courses of the current academic year will be copied for the following academic year
  2. The institutes and the lecturers gather the data of the planned courses
  3. Formal takeover and course entrustment
  4. Further general information

1. Copy of the courses from the current academic year for the following academic year

All course information of the current academic year will be copied by the department Administration of Teaching and Learning (Study services) in cooperation with the ZID (Information Technology Services). The courses will be visible under the section “Course administration” for those people who are already registered teachers as well as for those who have the right to do course administration (LV-Erhebung). (Important: Click on the upcoming academic year and for status use “all”).

Time frame: end of February – beginning of March

2. Course administration by the institutes and the faculty

During the planning phase (April/May) for the next academic year, the relevant details for teaching entrustment (teaching staff, teaching hours, type of teaching entrustment) will be submitted via BOKUonline by the responsible person(s) form each institute (those with the "LV-Erhebung"-rights in BOKUonline). The dates for the compulsory courses in the bachelor programs will be defined per semester in cooperation with the central schedule coordination.

The specific deadlines for the planning of the next academic year can be downloaded here (only available in German):

Procedure - course planning and teaching entrustment

The course coordinators of the respective institute/department are responsible for the for internal pre-planning at the institutes/departments. The planning has to be submitted in BOKUonline:

  • Head of the institute: the teaching staff (intern and extern) as well as their teaching hours will be assigned to the courses of the upcoming academic year being planned according to the rules of the teaching entrustment (only available in German)
  • The teaching stuff verify and update the description, the learning outcomes, teaching and learning methods as well as exam method and evaluation for their courses. This information has to be available for the students BEFORE the semester begins (Study law)
  • Set up of course groups
  • Head of the institute: REPORT of the courses which will take place in the next academic year by the responsible person(s) form the institute (those with the "LV-Erhebung"-rights in BOKUonline). (Please pay special attention to rotating courses). After this task it is not possible anymore to change the person who is assigned to the course
  • Time period for the registration of the teaching staff: beginning of April till mid of May (for the entire academic year)
  • Time period for the notification of the dates for the compulsory courses in the bachelor programs (via email to termine.bokuonline(at) winter term – mid of March till end of April and for the summer term – end of September till mid of October

3. Formal takeover and course entrustment

  • Control of teaching entrustment (type and extend) and employment, and adjustment if necessary.
  • Pre-registration of new lecturers in BOKUonline (only with an actual application form)
  • Formal takeover (permission) of the courses by the department of Administration of Teaching and Learning – the courses will be visible in the section “courses” (choose next academic year)
  • Time period: mid of May till the beginning of June

After this process the teaching staff will receive the teaching entrustment by the Vice Rector – Feedback on the extend of teaching load (to exceed or fall below), non-approval possible too.

4. Further general information

  • Course description in BOKUonline

The teachers have to check and update (if necessary) the course description (especially the learning outcomes, exam method, etc.) during the planning period. Further entries like information about the recommended reading can be filled in/added and/or changed after the planning period too.

General criteria for the definition of learning outcomes, calculated ECTS, guidelines for courses with continuous assessment, etc. can be found on the website of the Senate under the link to the BOKU-Studien für die Zukunft (only available in German).

Please use this form for the course description. An example for a course description can be found here

  • Changes

Changes regrading course titles and types, content as well as ECTS have to be discussed beforehand with the respective committee - Fachstudienkommissionen (only available in German) and an application for change has to be submitted to the respective committee if this (especially concerning compulsory courses) entails a change in the curricula.

Changes during the semester are NOT possible, except additional information in the course description or script-uploads.

  • Course ascertainment in BOKUonline and training courses

Details about the course ascertainment in the BOKUonline-System can be found under the BOKUonline-documentation at the IT-Services website (only available in German).

Instruction-trainings for the course ascertainment with BOKUonline are being offered during the planning phase by the IT-department and the Administration of Teaching and Learning. You can subscribe to those trainings in your BOKUonline account business card under the link BOKUs Training Passport / Trainings, category "Fit for Teaching".

If you are not available during the instruction-trainings take place, you can contact the team of the Administration of Teaching and Learning. They may offer an option for an individual training. (lehrorganisation(at)