Course planning

Planning of the courses for the next academic year

During the planning phase (April/May) for the next academic year, the relevant details for teaching entrustement (teaching staff, teaching hours, type of teaching entrustement) will be submitted via BOKUonline by the responsible person(s) at the institute/departement (those with the "LV-Erhebung"-rights in BOKUonline). 

Dates for compulsory courses within a bachelor curriculum have to be arranged for each semester with the time-schedule coordination (Stundenplankoordination).

The planning of the courses have to be organised beforehand by the responsible person(s) at the respective institute/departement and submitted via BOKUonline. The general plan of procedures (processes and time frames) can be downloaded here (only available in German).

Course planning - processes and time frames

Course description in BOKUonline

The basic description of each course in BOKUonline (Learning outcomes, exam methods and evaluation, etc) has to be checked and if necessary updated by each teacher themselves during the planning phase. Other entries, for example recommended literature, can be changed and/or added also during the semester.

General criteria on how to formulate learning outcomes, calculate ECTS, guidlines for continous assessment, etc. can be found on the website of the Senate under the Link to the BOKU-Studien für die Zukunft (only available in German).


Changes of course titles, numbers, types as well as ECTS and changes of course contents have to be discussed with the respective committee - Fachstudienkommissionen (only available in German) and an application for a change has to be submitted to the resepctive committee as this (especially concerning compulsory courses) entails a change in curricula.

Changes during the semester are NOT possible, exempt additional information in the course description or script-uploads.

Course ascertainment in BOKUonline and training courses

Details about the course ascertainment in the BOKUonline-System can be found under the BOKUonline-documentation at the IT-Services website (only available in German).

Instruction-trainings for the course ascertainment with BOKUonline are being offered during the planning phase together by the IT-departement and the Center for Education. You can subscribe to those trainings in your BOKUonline account business card under the link BOKUs Training Passport/Trainings, category other trainings.