Corporate Design New

Corporate Design Manual 2021

Here you can find the updated Corporate Design Manual which replaces the manual from 2010. It contains all specifications for the use of logos, color specifications and templates.

Download Corporate Design Manual

Common Templates

Here you can find templates for the most common printing materials with the general BOKU logo (e.g. posters, letters, PowerPoint).

Download Templates

If you need more templates or printing materials, please contact our support email address grafik(at)

Department Logos and Templates

Departments, Institutes, Centres and Core Facilities

The logos of all departments, institutes, centres and core facilities were aligned in order to deliver a joint image of BOKU to the outside world. Each logo consists of the BOKU logo, a line in the color of the department, the chosen abbreviation and the icon of the department.

The logos are available in a long form including the written name as well as in a short form (BOKU logo + abbreviation + icon). The exact application of the respective form can be found in the updated Corporate Design Manual.

Example starting 2023

Download Department Logos and Templates

Departments, Institutes, Centres and Core Facilities

Download Logos

Following this link as well as on the S-drive on your PC you will find the folder of your department, which contains the institute folders, or the folder of your centre or core facility. In there you will find your logos.

You can find the logos in the following file formats:

SVG: RGB - For use in Web, PowerPoint, Word.

PDF: CMYK - For use in print production (use for graphic designers).

PNG: RGB - For use on the web and anything where PDF and SVG do not work.


Download Templates

Following this link you will be provided with templates for Word, PowerPoint, and posters based on one example department. You can adapt these to your own Department, Institute, Center or Core Facility.

Instructions including screenshots on how to adapt the files can be found here

Should you require assistance, please send an email to grafik(at)


Departments, Institutes, Centres and Core Facilities

The logos for your signatures in the correct size ready to be used in the signature can be found in your respective department folder under 01-E-Mail-Signaturen.


Service Units and Interest Groups

After the anniversary year, the "circle" of the BOKU logo will be used.

You can find the circle in the correct size ready to be used in the signature here.


Signature Guide and Templates

A template for the signatures and the circle can be found here.

Affiliation Policy

The present guideline serves to clearly identify the members of the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna (in short "BOKU"), in scientific and non-scientific writing. The aim is to correctly and holistically record the publishing services (publications and other written documents) provided by the university members (see § 94 University Act 2002; in short UG) for the benefit of their authors and their institution(s).

Download Affiliation Policy


Corporate Design New
Corporate Design Manual
Common Templates
Download Department Logos
Affiliation Policy

Frequently Asked Questions

Support and Orders

Should you have any questions about the use of the new designs, require support or want to order printed materials, we are happy to help. Please send an email to grafik(at)


You can find the new logos, templates and the corporate design manual online on Files after login (see links in the text) as well as on the S-drive (if you are on the BOKU campus), in both cases in the newly created folder Corporate-Design.

Frequently Asked Questions / FAQ

I have problems downloading.

Often in this case the pop-ups are not enabled in your Internet browser. Please enable them and then download the desired file.

I am having trouble customizing the templates to my department/institute.

Under the following link you will find instructions that describe in detail how to replace the logo.

To the instructions

Note: If you have customized them, please also save them in the Templates customized folder in your respective subfolder and briefly inform us about the saving. This is a folder where you have write permissions. We will then save the templates in the department/institute folders where the logos are located. All employees have read rights there to avoid accidental overwriting or deletion.

I want to use only the circle, where can I find it?

You can find the simple circle logo at the Logos, each sorted into the file format folder. So if you are looking for the circle as a png, open the PNG-Web folder and you will find the circle logos at the very bottom. However, we would like to point out that, where possible, the full anniversary logo including claim is to be used.

I work in the administration area. Do I need to customize the templates?

In the administrative area, the general templates with the simple BOKU logo are used. You can find these here and here.

I study at BOKU and would like to use the templates.

Please contact the department or institute for which you need the templates. They can forward the templates to you.