COVID-19: Current information on teaching in the summer semester 2021

*** This website is constantly updated ***

In coordination with the BOKU-Corona crisis team, we would like to inform you again about the current situation in connection with COVID19 at BOKU.

The already valid safety and hygiene measures at BOKU, which were taken to protect all university staff, will be extended at all BOKU locations until 30.9.2021 for the time being and apply to all scientific and general staff.

egarding protection and hygiene regulations apply as follows:

  • FFP2 masks mandatory in public areas (MNS or face/chin visors or shields are not allowed!).

    • Keep 2 m distance in all areas where feasible!

    • Disinfection, hand washing, etc. as before.

    • If more than one person is in a room (e.g., office, lab, workshop) the following applies:

    • 2 m minimum distance when working together in one room and obligation to wear FFP2 masks.

    • Regular ventilation (5-10 minutes per hour).

When wearing FFP2 masks, please make sure to take regular breaks from wearing (recommended 75 minutes, max 90 min. wearing time for FFP masks, 30 minutes break without mask). Hygiene and distance rules must also be observed during breaks.

Please respect the Code of conduct and hygiene standards that must be complied with during your visit to BOKU premises. 

At BOKU, stricter precautionary measures than specified in the BMBWF guideline were already set at the beginning of the semester. These comprehensive aspects to safeguard the health of our students and faculty on the one hand and to maintain the best possible studyability on the other hand will be maintained.

Teaching for the summer semester 2021

The summer semester 2021 is generally to be held as a digital/hybrid semester.

  • Information about courses and exams will be provided by the course management via BOKUonline. For better planning, ALL dates are to be published in BOKUonline at the beginning of the semester.

Courses and Exams:

  • All courses / parts of courses as well as examinations / parts of examinations that can take place online must continue to be conducted online. 

  • Participation in face-to-face courses as well as face-to-face examinations is only permitted if a negative SARS-CoV-2 antigen test or PCR test is available. This test must come from a publicly authorized body (no self-test) and must not be older than 48 hours. 

  • The course director or the examination supervisor must verify the existence of the negative test result in the course of the identity check. 

  • The course supervisor and all contributors to the course or the examination supervisor must also have a negative test that is not older than 48 hours. Individuals who have been demonstrably infected with SARS-CoV-2 in the past six months and have since recovered (positive PCR test result from the appropriate time period or positive test for neutralizing antibodies must be presented) do not require testing. 

  • An FFP2 mask is to be worn by students and teachers during the entire attendance course or examination. For travel to attend courses, the applicable entry regulations (see and possible quarantine regulations for personal appointment scheduling must be observed. 

  • Students are entitled to request a different form in writing from the course supervisor instead of taking an attendance examination or examination-immanent attendance course. If the course supervisor does not grant a justified, informal request, the request is to be directed to Study Services (studienservices(at) The dean of studies decides on the request.

  • In the case of face-to-face courses, the course supervisors and lecturers are responsible for implementing the safety and hygiene concept of their course and must ensure that all measures are observed.

  • Break regulations for courses: When wearing FFP2 masks, please make sure to have regular breaks (recommended max. 90 minutes wearing time for FFP masks, 30 minutes break without mask).

  • Face-to-face examinations must not last longer than max. 90 minutes, therefore a FFP2 wearing break is not required in this case. 

  • The known severely limited room capacities must be observed (see also the list on room capacities at

Study Services:

  • As in the past, you can make an appointment to pick up your graduation documents, recognition certificates, etc. at Study Services. For more information, please visit

  • The following e-mail addresses are available for further inquiries:
    regarding courses: vr-lehre(at)
    for examinations: studienservices(at)

Opening times of BOKU premises:

  • PC workstations are available in the BOKU-IT PC rooms. Details can be found at

  • Opening hours of the buildings: The current opening hours of the buildings can be found at

  • Libraries are still open for borrowing. The current opening hours can be found at

  • The reading rooms/learning spaces will be open on a limited basis under strict conditions. Details can be found at

Catering options

Current opening times for the canteens at the BOKU locations in Vienna can be found on

For the supply in the UFT in Tulln on the website of EVA's Bistro

Tüwi-Hofladen: Opening hours 09:00-15:00 h, take-away Bio-Lunch available (from 12:00 h, bring your own food-boxes or use the glas container-deposit system)


Measures for university members who are part of at-risk groups: 

Here, the individual case must be assessed and, if necessary, the Staff Unit for People with Particular Disabilities should be consulted. This also applies for students who live with people in at-risk groups. Information on at-risk groups can be found on the website for the Ministry of Social Affairs.

BOKU staff can find comprehensive information on the general safety rules and code of conduct, as well as hygiene standards on the website for the Staff Unit for Employee Protection and Health.

For information, please find below the link to a video in which the Austrian virologist and BOKU graduate Univ. Prof. Florian Krammer (currently researching COVID-19 at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York) explains COVID-19 vaccines, technologies and mode of action:

Please continue to support us in the implementation of the hygiene and safety concepts and in the maximum reduction of presence! Due to the mutations of the virus that are currently occurring, all of which we do not yet know which effect they will have, it is even more important that you take extra care of yourself and your colleagues, as well as our students.

Let us help together to reduce the risk of infection at BOKU to a minimum!