*** Updated on 20th of June 2022 ***

Dear students, dear staff members,

Since the suspension of the COVID19 measures at BOKU, the number of cases at our university (but also in the whole of Austria) has risen sharply again in the last two weeks. For the protection of all BOKU employees, the COVID19 measures described below must therefore be reinstated at all BOKU locations until further notice - also and especially to avoid possible clustering as much as possible. At the end of July, we will evaluate the measures again and inform you as usual.

We recommend our unvaccinated staff* and students to consider the possibility of free initial vaccination / booster vaccination in view of the current uncertain situation in connection with the new Corona variants.

Effective Tuesday, June 21, 2022:

- Maintenance of safety and hygiene rules.

- Minimum distance 2 meters, wherever feasible

- FFP2 mask obligation

- in all shared places (e.g. corridors, etc.)

- if there is more than one person in the room: for all persons in the room (e.g. in offices, seminar rooms, etc.)

- for internal and external meetings, seminars, etc.

- for presence events in indoor rooms without catering

- during classroom teaching events and examinations

- during business trips by car and BOKU bus

- in the libraries (the current opening hours can be found at boku.ac.at/bib)

- at the learning and reading places (https://boku.ac.at/bib)

- in the PC rooms of BOKU-IT (https://short.boku.ac.at/it-pc-raum).

- For outdoor events, where 2 m minimum distance is not possible, wearing FFP2 masks is recommended.

- G-rule: for general access and stay at BOKU no proof according to 3G rule is necessary.

- The internal rule for quarantine for vaccinated / recovered persons who had contact with positively tested persons remains valid: we strongly recommend not to come to BOKU for five days (homeworking) or, if a stay at BOKU is indispensable, to wear FFP2 mask at least continuously. On the 5th day after contact a PCR test should be performed.


From Monday, June 27, 2022:

- Attendance events with food service: A valid test certificate must be presented to participate (PCR or antigen test). Proof of a valid antigen self-test (labeled with date of collection and the person's name) is also possible (e.g., bring a photo of it or test directly). Wearing of FFP2 masks is recommended, obligation to do so is not applicable. A concept must be sent to corona(at)boku.ac.at in time for approval of the event.

For questions concerning the procedure in case of contact with positively tested persons, we also refer to the flow chart for the procedure in case of COVID19-positive cases at https://short.boku.ac.at/qkq95d (after login).

For further information please refer to the current information on the BOKU homepage:
https://short.boku.ac.at/qkq95d (for employees, after BOKU login)
For questions please contact corona(at)boku.ac.at