COVID-19: Current information on teaching in the summer semester 2022

*** Updated on April 29th, 2022 ***

The university management recommends that all employees and students continue to wear FFP2 masks and maintain the hygiene rules they are already accustomed to. We recommend our unvaccinated employees and students to consider the possibility of a free initial vaccination/booster vaccination in view of the uncertain situation in the coming fall.

At BOKU, the following regulations apply from 1.5.2022 until 31.5.2022 for the time being at all locations:

FFP2 mask obligation

- In all shared places (e.g. corridors, etc.)

- At internal and external meetings, seminars...

- At presence events without catering

- For face-to-face lectures as well as for face-to-face examinations

- During excursions by car or BOKU bus

- In the libraries (current opening hours at

- At the learning and reading places (

-In the PC rooms of the BOKU-IT (

3G Rule:

- For general access and stay at BOKU, no proof according to 3G rule is necessary.

- At workplaces in common areas, such as offices or laboratories, the FFP2 mask requirement can be waived, if a valid 3G certificate is available and all persons agree to the omission of the mask in the common office.

2G Rule:

- Presence events with food service may only take place in compliance with the 2G rule. Wearing of FFP2 masks is recommended, obligation to do so is not applicable. A concept must be sent to in time for approval of the event.

Minimum distance 2 meters, wherever feasible.


BOKU Staff

BOKU staff can find comprehensive information on the general safety rules and code of conduct, as well as hygiene standards on here: (after login).


  • In those locations (see above) where 2G or 3G proof is required, the following regulations apply

For persons (students and staff) who have not been vaccinated or do not have a valid certificate of recovery (unvaccinated persons who have not recovered), the following options are available:

On Monday, bring an antigen test (valid at BOKU for 48 hours, labelled with the date of testing and the person's name) and on Wednesday, bring a PCR test (valid at BOKU for 72 hours).

The testing stations at BOKU will be back in operation from April 11, 2022. PCR tests (as part of the 5 free tests/person and month, or tests that are self-paid) will be offered.

  • Muthgasse (run by: Albarelli Apotheke): Location: Muthgasse 18 / Nussdorfer Lände 11 in the first aid room / old porter's lodge (is marked); test times: Monday 9am-12pm, Wednesday 10am-12pm
  • Türkenschanze (carried out by Cottage Apotheke): Location: Türkenwirt, Peter Jordan Strasse 76, ground floor; testing time: Wednesday 9-12 a.m.

Voluntary free PCR-LAMP testing (non-officially recognized) will take place at Muthgasse by appointment only. More info at: 


  • Vaccines with 2 partial vaccinations (centrally licensed vaccine against COVID-19 ):
    • After the 2nd partial vaccination, the vaccination certificate is valid for 360 days. From 29.11. only for 270 days. After that, a 3rd dose is needed for validity.

  • Vaccines with one vaccination (for example Johnson & Johnson): 
    • Validity according to current legal regulation.


  • You are exempt from testing for 180 days from the date of recovery. The certificate of isolation issued for a person who is demonstrably infected, proof of recovery or medical confirmation of infection with SARS-CoV-2 in the last 180 days, which has been confirmed by molecular biology, are valid.
  • For recovered individuals who have been vaccinated once, the vaccination is valid for 270 days from the date of vaccination.
  • FFP2 mask obligation applies in all public places (e.g. corridors, etc.)
  • Compliance with the 3G rule and the FFP2 mask requirement is checked on a random basis by BOKU control teams authorized for this purpose by the Rectorate. 
  • Proof must be provided upon request. If no valid proof is provided, the authorized person is authorized to issue an expulsion from the building. 
  • Furthermore, the authorized person is authorized to stop persons in public areas inside the building who are not wearing an FFP2 mask and to demand that they wear the FFP2 mask. In case of refusal, the person will also be expelled from the building.
  • The authorized person is instructed to report incidents to the Rectorate.

Teaching & Examinations

From the current perspective, no changes are planned. Where possible, forms of hybrid teaching should be used.:

  • For all courses in the lecture hall, seminar room, etc., as well as for face-to-face examinations, FFP2 masks are mandatory (since 10.11.2021); the lecturer is exempt from the mask requirement during the lecture. In any case, a sufficient safety distance to the students during the lecture must be ensured! Before and after attending the lecture or examination, group formation must be avoided in any case, and an FFP2 mask must also be worn outdoors if the distance rules and safety precautions cannot be observed.
  • Lectures are held in presence. Only lectures where full occupancy of a large lecture hall would be expected due to the number of participants can continue to be held online. Hybrid courses that have proven their worth can be retained. Both online and hybrid courses must be announced to the teaching organization (lehrorganisation(at) in advance.
  • The type of teaching is to be announced in BOKUonline in a timely manner.
  • It is not necessary to submit safety concepts for face-to-face lectures, courses etc. However, attention must be paid to safety and hygiene regulations (keeping as much distance as possible, regular ventilation, hand washing / disinfection) as well as the obligation to wear FFP2 masks.
  • Teachers are requested to make existing course recordings of past semesters available to students (ideally already at the beginning of the semester).
  • In the rooms of the courses / examinations all seats can be filled, the seat restriction will be lifted in the summer semester 2022.
  • As far as possible, examinations are held in presence.
  • Examination dates that have already been announced should be retained.
  • Students who are unable to attend a course due to an official segregation order are considered excused for courses with compulsory attendance, as long as the entire course (e.g. excursion) is not missed as a result.
  • If teachers need support for online processing, please contact didaktik(at) or e-learning(at)
  • Business trips /excursions can be made as before under the following conditions: car and BOKU bus: use of all seats possible, FFP2 mask obligation.
  • For planned excursions, a safety concept must be sent in advance to corona(at) for approval.
  • For excursions (teaching) with transport companies, the transport conditions of the company apply.
  • Libraries are still open for borrowing. The current opening hours can be found at
  • PC workstations are available in the BOKU-IT PC rooms. Details can be found at FFP2 mask obligation remains in place.
  • Study and reading places are available by appointment (see FFP2 mask obligation remains in place.
  • Excursions abroad: we recommend refraining from travel activities as far as possible. The travel regulations/warnings of the federal government are to be observed.
  • Attendance lists are still to be kept, as in case of contact tracing the information has to be disclosed to the authority (e.g. contact with unvaccinated persons, contact without mask...).
  • For questions about the procedure to be followed in case of contact with a positive test person, please refer to the procedure for COVID19-positive cases at login).

Study Services

As in the past, you can make an appointment to pick up your graduation documents, recognition certificates, etc. at Study Services. For more information, please visit

The following e-mail addresses are available for further inquiries:

regarding courses: vr-lehre(at)

for examinations: studienservices(at)

Catering options

The canteens at the BOKU locations: Current opening times can be found on

For the supply in the UFT in Tulln on the website of EVA's Bistro

Tüwi-Hofladen: Opening hours 09:00-15:00 h, take-away Bio-Lunch available (from 12:00 h, bring your own food-boxes or use the glas container-deposit system)


Please support us in our obligation to report to the Ministry regarding all COVID-19 health and safety issues concerning the current situation at BOKU and continue to use the corona(at) mail address for all reports and questions regarding all aspects of health and safety in COVID-19 times. In case of a positive test result, please also inform the university at corona(at)

For all BOKU members there is still the possibility for testing opportunities at all three BOKU locations (due to the vacation season, only as long as these are sufficiently utilized). Current opening hours can be found on the BOKU homepage (

If there are any changes in the near future, we will inform you immediately!

Let's continue to help together to reduce the risk of infection at BOKU to a minimum!

COVID test stations

Attention: From 11 April, testing will take place again at the Türkenschanze location.


Test times:

  • Wednesday  from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

(BOKU members without registration. Please bring photo ID and e-card with you)

Location: Türkenwirt (ground floor), Peter Jordanstraße 76


Test times:

  • Mondays from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.
  • Wednesday  from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Location: Muthgasse 18 in the first aid room / old porter's lodge on the ground floor

No registration is required in the BOKU timeslot. Please bring photo ID and e-card with you (first come, first serve). A one-time registration in advance at helps to save time on site.

You can register and reserve an appointment at (18th district, Cottage Pharmacy or 19th District Albarelli Pharmacy)

We would like to point out that all employees / students who live, work or study in Vienna can take advantage of free and uncomplicated gargle tests from the City of Vienna as part of the "Alles gurgelt!" campaign Barcode can be picked up in all BIPA branches in Vienna and offer the opportunity to be regularly tested for the Corona virus by means of a PCR gargle test free of charge. Details can be found at Please also use this option To conduct COVID tests.