COVID-19: Current information on teaching in the winter semester 2020/21

*** This website is constantly updated ***

The Austrian Federal Government has reintroduced restrictive regulations as of 26.12.2020 (3rd lockdown), which - as far as is currently known - will apply until 24.1.2021.

Please respect the Code of conduct and hygiene standards that must be complied with during your visit to BOKU premises. 

At BOKU, stricter precautionary measures than specified in the BMBWF guideline were already set at the beginning of the semester. These comprehensive aspects to safeguard the health of our students and faculty on the one hand and to maintain the best possible studyability on the other hand will be maintained.

ALL regulations valid until 28.2.2021 regarding holding of courses and examinations are summarized here once again:

  • All courses and exams that can be taken online must be taken online.

  • Information on courses and exams is provided by the course administration via BOKUonline.

  • In the case of face-to-face courses, the course instructors and teachers are responsible for the implementation of the safety and hygiene concept of their course and must ensure compliance with all measures.

  • Examination-immanent courses that require attendance that cannot be substituted online and have already been announced (in particular exercises in the laboratory and practical exercises) can take place in attendance form while retaining the previous security measures. Mouth-to-nose protection must be worn throughout the face-to-face course.

  • ONLY ALREADY ANNOUNCED face-to-face examinations can take place under observance of the known strongly restricted room capacities (see also list of room capacities in lecture halls at Mouth-nose protection must be worn during the entire examination.

  • Newly announced examination dates for courses may ONLY be conducted as ONLINE examinations. Face-to-face exam dates may not be set until further notice!

  • For non-examination-immanent courses, it must be ensured that at least 3 examination dates per semester are available as usual.

  • In accordance with the Ordinance on Alternative Forms of Assessment in Distance Learning and Replacement Services, alternatives to face-to-face exams must be made possible for members of risk groups or persons living in the same household as members of risk groups. We ask students to contact the respective course leaders directly.

  • The following e-mail addresses are available for further enquiries:
    for courses: vr-lehre(at)
    for examinations:

  • Masks are still compulsory in public places (face/chin visors or signs are no longer permitted), keep your distance, disinfection, hand washing, etc. We urgently request that the rules of hygiene and distance be observed during breaks as well.

Opening times of BOKU premises:

  • The libraries are still open for borrowing. The current opening hours of the buildings can be found at
  • The reading rooms have to be closed again until further notice due to the hard lockdown and as recommended by the federal government for university operations.
  • As in the past, students can collect their final documents, certificates of recognition, etc. by booking an appointment at the Study Services. Further details can be found at

Due to the current COVID19 situation and the unfortunately unpredictable situation for the summer semester 2021, we will apply the same rules for the already ongoing planning of the summer semester 2021 as we did for the now still ongoing winter semester 20/21.

 With the New Year 2021, the e-multipliers project will also start as an extended service of the E-Learning & Didactics department. If you are in need of extended support for the implementation of your online teaching (e.g. implementation of online exams, exam proctoring, implementation of online teaching, video creation etc.) please send an e-mail to e-mp(at) You will then be contacted immediately regarding an initial consultation. Furthermore, the service of the department E-Learning & Didactics is of course at your disposal at didaktik(at) e-learning(at)

 Please support us in our duty to report to the Ministry regarding all the current COVID-19 health and safety issues at BOKU and continue to use the corona(at) mail for all reports and questions regarding all aspects of health and safety in COVID-19 times. In case of a positive test result, please also inform your university at corona(at)

Catering options

Current opening times for the canteens at the BOKU locations in Vienna can be found on

For the supply in the UFT in Tulln on the website of EVA's Bistro

Tüwi-Hofladen: Opening hours 09:00-15:00 h, take-away Bio-Lunch available (from 12:00 h, bring your own food-boxes or use the glas container-deposit system)


Measures for university members who are part of at-risk groups: 

Here, the individual case must be assessed and, if necessary, the Staff Unit for People with Particular Disabilities should be consulted. This also applies for students who live with people in at-risk groups. Information on at-risk groups can be found on the website for the Ministry of Social Affairs.

BOKU staff can find comprehensive information on the general safety rules and code of conduct, as well as hygiene standards on the website for the Staff Unit for Employee Protection and Health.

For information, please find below the link to a video in which the Austrian virologist and BOKU graduate Univ. Prof. Florian Krammer (currently researching COVID-19 at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York) explains COVID-19 vaccines, technologies and mode of action:


Let us help together to reduce the risk of infection at BOKU to a minimum!