Mag.a iur. Andrea Reithmayer

Mag.a iur. Andrea Reithmayer

Mag.a iur. Andrea Reithmayer was born in Tulln in 1966 and has a law degree from the Johannes Kepler University Linz. Since 2008 she has worked at BOKU and since 2010 she has been Vice-Rector of Finances. 

Andrea Reithmayer gained professional experience first and foremost as Head of Group Finance and Group Auditing at the Austrian Research Centres in Seibersdorf, where she worked for a total of 15 years in various management positions.

Andrea Reithmayer has many years of experience in managing research organisations, as a member of numerous strategic and specialist committees and steering committees of Kplus Centres.

The assigned services and positions of the Vice-Rector of Finances are: 

+43 1 47654 10031