PICUS v1.4 - modules

Biotic disturbances

Biotic disturbances are key processes of forest ecosystems, both on time-scales relevant for forest succession and forest management. Moreover, climate change is likely to render environmental conditions for insect development more favourable.

Therefore, in close cooperation with the Institute of Forest Protection, BOKU a risk module accounting for bark beetle induced tree mortality is integrated into PICUS v1.4. Based on a stand predisposition indicator (Netherer and Nopp-Mayr 2005, Lexer 1995, Lexer and Hönninger 1998c) and the potential number beetle generations the bark beetle damage is estimated.


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Rockfall protection is an important forest function in mountainous areas. Therefore it is of interest to develop forest management scenarios that preserve the protective function of the forest over time while also accounting for other relevant forest functions.

For this purposes a rockfall simulation tool was incorporated into the 3D environment of PICUS v1.4, simulating a rockfall trajectory and it’s interactions with trees, understory vegetation etc. spatially explicit. This tool allows for the evaluation of different management scenarios with regard to their implications on the rockfall protection function of the forest. In developing this model component we cooperate with GeoExperts Ltd.