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Research project (§ 26 & § 27)
Duration : 2019-05-01 - 2022-04-30

The project is designed to identify the consequences of glacier retreat on land cover and downstream fluvial morphology over the long term. It is based on orthophotos from the last 70 years, but extends the temporal scale back to around 1800 CE. The GIS-based reconstruction of the historical land cover changes and of the fluvial system at different points in time within the last approx. 200 years will be conducted in analogy to the “regressive-iterative reconstruction method” developed by Hohensinner et al. (2013). In the present project, this methodological approach will be evaluated for the LTER study site at the glacier Jamtalferner and the downstream, approx. 12 km long River Jambach in Tyrol. For each point in time the areal extents of the glacier, (proglacial) channel network, debris depositions, natural vegetation cover and human modified land cover will be localized and quantified. The focus is on the configuration of the fluvial system of the Jambach – i.e., whether significant changes in morphological river type (straight, braiding, sinuous, oscillating, meandering, etc.), channel width, length and sinuosity of the river’s course can be detected. Alterations of the historical channel patterns reveal changes in the external framework conditions, i.e., an increase or reduction in debris/sediment supply or bankfull discharge. Moreover, the simultaneously ascertained changes in land cover will also allow for the identification of the potential causes of the historical fluvial modifications.
Research project (§ 26 & § 27)
Duration : 2019-05-01 - 2019-12-31

The Vjosa River in Albania is of pan-European importance and one of Europe’s last living wild rivers. International efforts to use the river Vjosa in Albania for hydropower production requires independent and internationally standardized surveys to document the current environmental conditions. The aim of the program is to provide a scientific investigation to build a framework and baseline on the rivers biodiversity of fish, benthic invertebrates and vegetation ecology of the Vjosa-Aoos river system. Additionally the project gears towards providing the support material for demonstrating the potential violations of international rules by the construction of hydropower dams at the Vjosa at Poçem and Kalivaç. Before major management plans are implemented, a detailed scientific analysis of its environmental characteristics should be carried out as a basis for an evaluation of long-term management effects. Furthermore, the program is orientated towards capacity building in Albania in respect to environmental assessments, following international standards. In addition, we strive towards raising awareness of the international science community on the endangerment of Balkan river systems and enhancing international cooperation for their conservation. The fundamental task of the present study is to publish and communicate the results of its research activities and strengthen networking opportunities of Albanian and international scientists and thus voicing an independent expert view for the sustainable development.
Research project (§ 26 & § 27)
Duration : 2019-04-01 - 2019-11-30

Within the framework of a scientific synthesis project, an interdisciplinary team of environmental and water historians, river morphologists and urban morphology researchers summarized more than 10 years of research work on Vienna's water landscape. The extensive and richly illustrated manuscript presented at the end of this project will be made available to the general public as a book and as an online pdf file.

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