Univ.Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Marianne Penker

Institute for Sustainable Economic Development 
Department of Economics and Social Sciences
Feistmantelstraße 4 1180 Vienna, Austria

Office: Guttenberghaus, ground floor, left corridor, room EG/07 
Consultation hour: on appointment (email)
Tel.: +43-1- 47654 - 73115 
Email: penker(at)boku.ac.at

CV with publications and projects
CV and publications (FIS)


I am fascinated by interacting and co-evolving social and ecological systems and transnational comparisons of rural development. For two decades, I have approached rural development issues from a socio-institutional perspective, with an empirical focus on agro-food systems, landscapes, renewable energy, demographic and climate change. Sustainable rural development requires the collective management of commons, such as landscape, natural resources, culinary or cultural heritage. I consider the Social-Ecological Systems Framework, social and ecological embeddedness as well as property rights as very helpful approaches and concepts for analyzing and understanding the co-management of social-ecological systems. I want to understand how formal rules, social norms and values interact and co-evolve with land use practices. My empirical work is generally organized in inter- and transdisciplinary research groups, and often supported by methods of knowledge integration. 

My current research centers on the following topics:

  • Local and alternative agro-food systems, EU-protected Geographical Indications,
  • Landscape governance,
  • Rural sustainability and transformation processes,
  • Methods for the co-production of knowledge by science and society, such as participatory scenario planning.