2015 - 2018


Research at the interface of geo-physics, environmental ethics and law.


This research platform brings together scientists from geosciences, ethics, and law in order to explore an interdisciplinary approach to recent developments in the nanosciences. It works according to interdisciplinary standards and focuses on the nano-nature interface.

The research platform Nano-Norms-Nature investigates the prospects of nanotechnology in terms of enhancement (e.g. new materials that contribute to procedures of environmental clean-up; new qualities of natural goods) and in terms of planetary nano-medicine (e.g. restoring the environment by means of nanotechnology). It also focuses on interdisciplinary approaches to the containment of negative side-effects and the prevention of dangerous side-effects (e.g. responses to risks, toxic accumulations of nanoparticle). This includes a debate on normative concepts that contribute to responsible and precautious strategies both in the nanosciences and in the application of nanotechnology. The comprehensive goal is a detailed assessment of the nano-nature interface according to recent findings in ethics, law, and geosciences.

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