GreenLane – fast tracking value and resilience in industrial wood supply

Forest industries depend on a stable year-round supply of even log quality. GreenLane focuses on assortment-specific value-tracking in order to develop managerial responses giving improved mill customer value in the face of challenging climate scenarios. GreenLane builds on Era-Net MultiStrat (Multimodal Strategies 2016-2018) which quantified regional seasonality for harvesting production and transport, with the corresponding variation in lead times which drive roundwood value development. The development of multimodal strategies (combined use of road, rail and sea) provides the foundation for more efficient and resilient supply chains, which because of climate impacts on forest operations, are of growing importance. Even for natural disturbances such as windthrow with subsequent risk for bark beetle outbreaks, multimodal solutions provide the structural flexibility for efficient supply chain responses to such events. These solutions demand tighter management of lead time threshholds during critical seasons. GreenLane continues this work to further develop the competitiveness of European wood supply.

The overall goal of the project is to develop a virtual supply chain laboratory environment enabling value-tracking and interactive testing of harvesting and transport responses to challenging climate scenarios. The focus is on implementing weather-driven models for wood quality and availability. The study compares three European case study areas in continental, sub-arctic and oceanic conditions.

The main output is to identify and quantify the combined potential of value-tracking and managerial responses for log quality, supply security and delivery costs under varying climate scenarios. The final output consists of best-practice guidelines for managerial response that improve the resilience of wood supply systems to climate change impacts including natural disturbances.



Funded by

ForestValue ERA-NET Cofund Call

Project partners



  • Skogforsk: Karin Westlund, Lars Eliasson
  • Norra Forest Owner Association


  • Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research (NIBIO): Dag Fjeld, Lone Ross Gobakken
  • Allskog Forest Owner Association


Priv.-Doz. Dipl.-Ing. Honorarprofessor Dr.nat.techn. Peter Rauch

Ing. Christoph Kogler B.Sc. MSc.