Gianni Cantice Award for Gifted Simulation Students

The Gianni Cantice Award for Gifted Simulation Students is presented to the best student(s) at the I3M conference.

The award is dedicated to Col. Giovanni Cantice, in recognition of his work in the field of simulation. This year's prize went to our colleague, Pavel Cimili, for the paper "Automated damage detection of trailers at intermodal terminals using deep learning", jointly written with Jana Vögl, Patrick Hirsch and Manfred Gronalt.

Pavel has been a student assistant at the Institute of Institute of Production and Logistics since December 2021. He completed his Bachelor's degree in Business Administration at the University of Vienna in 2021 and subsequently began his Business Analytics Master's degree with a focus on logistics and supply chain management. 

At the Institute, he is working on the automation of damage detection for trailers at intermodal terminals as part of the PRODIGY project headed by Manfred Gronalt. He uses neural networks and other methods of machine learning, a sub-area of artificial intelligence (AI). PRODIGY aims to improve existing processes at the road-terminal interface through digitalisation and the use of new (distributed ledger) technologies.