Alternative Economic and Monetary Systems

AEMS is an academic Summer School that offers a new approach towards economy: An evaluation of economic alternatives that considers natural boundaries and the human factor to be equal parts of the equation.

AEMS Summer School

Our goal: To present viable alternatives to current processes and developments that are putting enormous strains on economic, ecologic and social boundaries.

We want to point out a positive approach to the field of economic alternatives, asking if the currently inherent instability might be reduced or avoided, and show students the chances of reform.
A great amount of possible approaches to economic reform has been proposed over the years, proving that there is high demand for a new economic system. A number of current and promising concepts were selected to be presented to the students, ranging all the way up to a fundamental reform of global structures and institutions. Students will be enabled to have a level-headed discussion of economic and monetary reform while asking: What is our leeway?

AEMS offers room for critical thinking and the possibility to openly discuss and deconstruct ideas and concepts with distinguished experts from various scientific fields. The participants will be able to move beyond the widespread limitation of higher education that lacks extensive exchange between scientific disciplines.
The summer school is a cooperation between universities and civil society. The great challenges like climate change, the depletion of ressources, etc. we face today require the cooperation of different groups. A diversity of ideas, methods and experiences is needed to meet the challenges of the future.

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Contact at BOKU: Mag. Lisa Bohunovsky and Prof. Helga Kromp-Kolb