Lectures for Future - Scientists4Future course

Thanks to the Fridays4Future movement, climate change has reached the middle of the public debate. Scientists4Future from various scientific disciplines come together to address ecological and social challenges and possible solutions in a course.

The "Lectures for Future" are a course that is put together like a mosaic of colorfully mixed lectures that deal with the ecological and social challenges of our world and possible solutions. In the lectures, the students are introduced to burning questions about the future and possible solutions from a wide variety of scientific disciplines and perspectives. The lecture series is sponsored by the supporters of the “Scientists for Future Austria” initiative and takes place at several universities.

At BOKU, the lecture series (9 lectures plus one “future: changes”) is organized by Univ. Prof. Dr. Werner Zollitsch (werner.zollitsch@boku.ac.at) Univ. Prof. Dr. Georg Gratzer (georg.gratzer@boku.ac.at)

The entire program of the Lectures for Future with over 80 lectures can be found here: https://scientists4future.at/lectures/

A variety of lectures were put together like a mosaic in order to give this topic the necessary broad perspective. The central organization is held by the Vienna University of Technology (contact: L4F(at)tuwien.ac.at).

Free elective // 2 ECTS

Course in BOKU Online (Nr. 932014)