Course Sustainability Challenge

80 students. 4 universities. 2 semesters. 1 goal.

The interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary course on sustainable development with the focus on "Sustainability finds the city. The SDGs as an opportunity for urban change?" aims to promote a networked understanding of economic, ecological and social development and give students the chance to put theoretical concepts into practice. On the one hand, there are lecture blocks at the participating universities (WU, BOKU, TU, Uni Wien) in which the annual topic and the challenges associated with it are explained and discussed from different perspectives. On the other hand, students develop local answers to the discussed challenges as part of service learning or start-up tracks by developing specific projects and implementing them directly with the support of various stakeholders.

Service Learning

Joint solution conception of a problem with selected local project partners: The focus of this method is on the independent working method of the students who address a problem or need in society and who turn to selected partners (companies, NGOs, institutions) to conceptualize solution proposals.

Start-up Track

Development and implementation of their own business idea: The Sustainability Challenge should give students the opportunity to give their personal entrepreneurial answer to urban challenges. The application with an idea for a sustainable start-up can be done individually or in a team. The first semester is primarily about team building and sharpening ideas, with the students receiving targeted support through various workshops. In the second semester, the inputs from the various blocks and workshops are put into practice and a solid business plan is drawn up. The students are supported by individual coaching.

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