Free Scanning up to A3 Format and in Color

at virtually all BOKU locations

Electronically capturing readers and lecture notes is very simple and available at more than 80 devices in virtually all locations using the IT service "BOKUprint".

  1. Use your BOKUcard to register on the device (serves solely for the identification of the scan destination, there are no costs).
  2. Press the menu button, then on 'SafeQ Scan' located on the display.
  3. Select your scan destination:
    • When choosing 'Scan to E-Mail' the medium resolution scan is sent to your BOKU email address.
    • When choosing 'Scan to Home' the individually adjustable resolution scan is saved in your Novell Home file. You can, for example, access the files in the pc rooms or via NetStorage. Also see the section memory capacity (information only in German) .
  4. Place the originals in the feeder or the glass plate and press the large blue button.

All details (device locations, detailed adjustment options, registration with and without BOKUcard, etc.) can be found in the section:

High quality image processing is possible in our multimedia pc rooms.