Secure Access to your files residing on network drives, synchronisation and teamwork capabilities.

The Open Enterprise Server (formerly Novell File Server) has been available to safely secure your data as BOKU member for decades. Filr facilitates access to these data, for example, when you are outside BOKU. With the Filr Desktop Client for Windows or Mac you have your files with you at all times – even when you do not have an internet connection right where you are. Web Interface, WebDAV and apps for Blackberry, Android and iOS ensure additional mobility.

With Filr you can also easily access your data via a web browser or WebDAV.

Filr supports collaboration in teams: via Filr you can easily release files for BOKU staff members or even external persons, add comments to these files and receive notifications upon changes to these files.

Filr Documentation


Filr web interface:

Desktop Client Download:

  • log in using your BOKU account:
    Click on the user name menu in the top right corner and choose the menu item 'Download Filr Desktop App'.

Mobile Devices:

Start your preferred store app in order to install the mobile Filr app on your mobile device. Search for 'Filr' or 'Micro Focus Filr' to find the app. Follow the directions in the store to download the Filr app.

BlackBerry App:

Android Filr App:

iOS Filr App:

As Filr provides the option to synchronize server files on your local device, it is necessary for you to take suitable measures to ensure data security. This could, for example, be done by using encryption software (such as BitLocker for Windows or FileVault for macOS).