Importing Calendars

iCal or ICS respectively is used as standard to exchange calendar information, that is the collection of appointments, between various applications.

By importing a calendar appointment changes in the original calendar which are made after the import are not updated in your subscribed calendar. Imported calendars represent static information.

Importable calendars are provided by the ZIB (see the end of the page) as well as various provides on the internet.

These calendar files (.ICAL or .ICS) may be received in various ways, such as via e-mail or download from a website. This way public holidays in various countries may be integrated in your calendar, for example.

In order to import calendar dates in GroupWise right-click on 'Calendar', select 'Import Calendar' and enter the respective file:  

Should you get your calendar dates via email, these can directly be right-clicked and then you select 'Import Calendar':

In your regular calendar the additional calendar with the imported entries should now show. These additional entries can be made visible or invisible at any time:

If you wish to delete additional calendar dates, simply delete the imported calendar. 

Prepared Calendars

The following calendar is available for you. Simply click on the link below: