Save time by setting up meetings electronically instead of contacting everyone individually. Group scheduling allows you to find out if individual participants and rooms or other resources are actually available prior to sending out appointments.

If you wish to plan an appointment for a group you can use Busy Search. Via Tools -> Busy Search you can select the users. Name completion works here, too. Then enter the first possible date and a specific time frame to search for available appointment times. The selected users and their availabilities are then listed for you. If an information symbol shows next to the user this means that they at least possess read permission. Thus appointments can be viewed in more detail. All other dates (private or unreleased) do not show further information and are shown as a blocked area.

The legend in the lower part of the appointment time window explains the various patterns on the grid. Right of the users you can see the user's schedule.

In order to select the first available meeting time click on Auto-Select. If you are not satisfied with the first suggestion you may also choose further available slots using Auto-Select or you directly click on the desired timeframe. 

Once you found a suitable slot, press OK and a new scheduled item opens.