In order to attend a course, you need to register for it online.

There are several ways of doing so. In this instruction we would like to provide you with the way that seems the best for first-year students in their Bachelor study program.

Course Registration according to the Semester Schedule

Most Bachelor study programs provide you with recommendations of which course to best take in which semester. This should help you choose the right courses. However, this does not replace study program counselling!

In the column "Studies" in BOKUonline click on the link "Study Status".

You will see various information related to your study program, amongst other things there will also be the linked curriculum version. 

Screenshot registration status

Click on the link at the curriculum version (that is, for example, 13U, 14U, ...). A semester schedule will open in a popup window.

In case that this page does not open: Please check whether your popup blocker is activated. 

Choose the requested semester in order to see a list of all courses that are recommended for this semester according to the curriculum. These courses are also coordinated according to class schedule to avoid overlapping whenever possible.

Here you should do the following two things:

  1. Get information on requirements and content of the course,
  2. Register for the course, when the time period for application allows registration.
Screenshot semester plan courses

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Clicking at the course title will guide you to the details in BOKUonline. Here you can find contents, objectives, curriculum position but possibly also further information on course and exam registration or additional course materials.

Prior to registration you should always carefully read through the information provided since modalities may vary depending on the course. 

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Course registration in BOKUonline always works via the symbol of a white "T" (for "Teilnahme", that is "participation") in a green circle. Other symbol colors indicate that registration is not yet or no longer possible.

The following registration status is possible (when you move your computer mouse over the status, a popup window with information will appear).

  • green: registration is now possible
  • red: registration is no longer possible (the registration period has already expired)
  • orange: registration is not yet possible (the registration period will start at some point in the future)
  • gray: registration is not yet possible (no registration period has been determined)

Click on the green 'T' in the column "Anm." in order to reach the registration screen for this course. 

When registration is possible (you are within the registration period and the maximum number of participants has not been exceeded), you can see a button "Anmelden" ("Register"). Having clicked on this button, a popup window will appear that confirms your registration. This is then followed by the information that you now have a fixed position in this course.

Only with this confirmation of having got a fixed place on the course are you actually registered for the course!

In case that the maximum number of available places is already exceeded, you are offered the possibility to register for the waiting list. This is mainly the case with seminars, exercises and excursions since these courses often only have very limited places available. When you move up into the course and receive a fixed place, you automatically receive a confirmation email. 

Congratulations, you have registered for your first course at BOKU! :-)

Repeat this process for all further courses that you wish to attend in the same semester. 

Course Bookmarks

In case that registration is not yet possible due to the fact that no registration period was determined (gray T symbol), you do not need to check back every day in order to find out if this has already changed.

The application 'LV-Bookmarks' ("Course Bookmarks") exists to inform you on defined changes via email. Next to the title of the course in the list of semester courses you can see the symbol of a "gray asterisk" - by clicking on this symbol, it turns yellow and you have placed a bookmark for this course (in this semester). By clicking on the symbol again, you remove the bookmark. 

Important: A bookmark does NOT substitute for a registration. It only serves as information!

More detailed information on how to use course bookmarks can be found on the respective Content page (only available in German).

Overview of Registered Courses, Searching for Courses and De-Registration

You can find an overview of all your registered courses by going to the link 'LV-An/Abmeldung' ("Course Registration / De-Registration") and looking at the column "Studium" ("Academic Studies") in your business card.

You can also selectively search for courses in order to register. There are several possibilities for this. In the application you can find a link 'LV-Anmeldung' ("Course Registration") in the right top corner. This link will lead you to a query form.

You can (and should!!) de-register from courses that you do not wish to attend during the registration period. Simply click on the green T in the list. You will then see a "Abmelden" ("De-Registration") button above the title.

Please always de-register form courses and exams that you decide not to attend. Doing so, you give other students the chance to get a place in the course. In addition, you might be blocked from exams for several months or could receive a negative grade for courses that include continuous assessment of course work (such as excursions, exercises, seminars, etc.). 

Next to the 'T' symbol for registration and de-registration there are further symbols:

  • P symbol: registration for an exam date of this course
  • E symbol: evaluating the course
  • I symbol: further information on this course (such as course materials, etc.)

The color scheme works the same way as for course registration. Gray symbols indicate that no information has (yet) been provided.

The following step is registration for exams.