In order to successfully complete a course, it is required to receive an exam result in BOKUonline.

The regular procedure is as follows: 

  1. The institute provides a new exam date.
  2. Students independently register for this date.
  3. The exam is held, graded and transmitted to the Study Department (Studienabteilung).
  4. The Study Department (Studienabteilung) indicates the exam as valid. From this point onwards the result is visible for students. 

Ad 1. Creating an Exam

When a new exam is created normally all students registered for the course in the current content semester will receive an information email. This is also the case for those who bookmarked the course.

Explanation on what is meant by content semester:

Every exam is attributed to a specific content semester since contents of courses may vary depending on the semester.

When you are registered for a course in the winter semester 2014 (14W), you should only register for an exam of that content semester! Especially at the beginning of a semester, you might find exam dates that are still meant for previous semesters.

The picture shows the content semester of the respective exam in the overview at registration.

Ad 2. Self Registration by Students

Ideally you have already registered for the course and received an email notifying you that a new exam date has been created.

Log onto BOKUonline and click on the link 'LV-An/Abmeldung' ('Course Registration / De-Registration') in the column "Studium" ("Academic Study"). You can now see all your registered courses. In each line you can also see an icon that shows available exam dates. 

Pay attention to possible warning at the top of the page!

BOKUonline automatically also shows dates that cover other content semesters.

You can see all created exam dates for this course. By clicking on the button "Anmelden" ("Register") you can register for the respective date.

A security query appears together with an overview of the exam data.

When everything is correct and you truly wish to register for the exam date, simply click on "Anmelden" ("Register").

Attention: When you are registered for several study programs, pay attention to choose the correct one. The study program CANNOT be changed afterwards. 

In the following confirmation window you can see whether or not the exam registration was completed successfully. Pay attention to information provided at the lower end. Only when you can see the message: "Sie konnten zum obigen Prüfungstermin erfolgreich angemeldet werden." ("You have successfully registered for the above stated exam date") your registration was truely successful.

When a fault occurs this is where you can find the respective information on why the registration could not be completed successfully. 

Ad 3. Examining, Evaluating and Transmitting

With a fixed place in a course, you are also authorized to sit an exam.

If you should decide not to sit an exam, it is essential that you de-register in due time! Otherwise you risk being banned from future exam registration for this course of up to 90 days and also hinder another student from sitting the exam instead of you.

Once the exam was completed, it may take up to four weeks (depending on the number of participants) until evaluation is completed, grades are registered and transmitted to the Study Department (Studienabteilung).

Ad 4. Viewing Exam Results in BOKUonline

As soon as the results have been set to valid by the Study Department (Studienabteilung), you automatically receive an information email.

From this moment onwards, you can view your exam result in BOKUonline under the link 'Prüfungsergebnisse' ('Exam Results') in the column "Studium" ("Academic Study").