Brief Description

Registration, deregistration and re-registration for exams in BOKUonline

Participating in an exam normally requires self-registration by the students using BOKUonline.

Students are also required to deregister in due time (observe deregistration deadlines) in case they do not wish to participate in an exam. In case of unexcused absenteeism when registered for an exam, you may be banned from exam registration for up to 90 days.

Quick Start

It is strongly recommended to first register for all courses you later wish to sit an exam in.

Are you already registered for this course?

In the column "Studium" open the application "LV-An/Abmeldung" ("Course Registration / Deregistration"). You now see a list of all courses that you are registered for in the current study year. When an exam date with an active registration period becomes available, a green "P" symbol appears in the course's line. By clicking on it, you are led to the selection of exam dates. In the line of the desired date, click on the "P-Anmelden" ("Registration") button and confirm your registration. Please note the information on the previous page.

Searching for other exams

In case you wish to register for an exam but are not registered for the course, go to the column "Studium" and open the application "Prüfungs-An/Abmeldung" ("Exam Registration / Deregistration"). Change to "Exam registration - search", this link leads you to a search screen. You can search for the course-number or title, for further options click "advanced search". When a green "P - Register" symbol is shown in your search results, this means that registration for the exam is possible. All further steps are identical to the registration via "LV-An/Abmeldung" ("Course Registration / Deregistration") (see above). If the "P-Register"-symbol is grey, registration is not possible at the moment. In that case please mind the time of registration.

Waitinglist-Position and Details

The column "My Exams" shows a list of all exams you are registered to. Confirmed registrations are shown with a green symbol in the column "Registration status", registrations for the waiting list with a yellow exclamation mark.

The waitinglist position and further details are visible when you click on the triangle on the left.