Interdisciplinary approaches for a sustainable future                                                          

A strategic event supported by the ESF Standing Committees for the: Humanities Life, Earth and Environmental Sciences Physical and Engineering Sciences Social Sciences

27-300812, Stresa, Lago Maggiore

The European Science Foundation (ESF) invites the next generation of leading scientists (early career researchers) across the academic spectrum to participate in a four-day, in-depth discussion of the challenges and opportunities posed by inter (multi, trans) disciplinary research. A group of a maximum of 36 early career researchers will be selected by open competition and invited to address both the multi-layered problems inherent in this kind of research and its possibilities. Discussions - that may focus on various issues related to the event's general theme of "Water: Unite and Divide. Interdisciplinary approaches for a sustainable future" - will be fuelled by world-class experts from very different academic backgrounds.

Deadline for application: 300412