European Process Industry                                                                                             

Die neue Public-Private Partnership "SPIRE" - Sustainable Process Industry in resource & energy efficiency - führt zurzeit eine öffentliche Konsultation zu ihrer strategischen Ausrichtung in Forschung und Innovation für die kommenden Jahre durch.

Die PPP hat bereits einen Entwurf für einen Roadmap vorgelegt. Die öffentliche Konsultation bietet nun allen WissenschaftlerInnen, die in diesem Bereich forschen, aber auch weiteren zentralen Stakeholdern die Möglichkeit, diesen Entwurf zu kommentieren und eigene Ideen einzubringen.

Die öffentliche Konsultation ist noch bis zum 011012 geöffnet.


SPIRE Key components

1. Feed:

Increased energy and resource efficiency through better preparation and product mix of raw
materials, higher levels of alternative and renewable feedstock (including waste and waste water), as well as better managing increased quality variations inmaterial resources.

2. Process:

Solutions for more efficient processing and energy systems for the process industry, including industrial symbiosis.

3. Applications:

New processes to produce materials for market applications that boost energy and resource efficiency up and down the value chain.

4. Waste2Resource:

Valorisation and re-use of waste streams within and across sectors, including recycling of post-consumer waste streams and new business models for eco-innovation.

5. Horizontal:

Underpinning the accelerated deployment of the R&D&I opportunities identified within SPIRE through sustainability evaluation tools and skills and education programmes as well as enhance the sharing of knowledge and best practices.

6. Outreach:

Reach out to the process industry, policy makers and citizens to support the realisation of impact through awareness, stimulating societal responsible behaviour.