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Application Process – Frequently Asked Questions

Which deadlines should I be aware of?

The overall application deadline for the 2022 study programme at BOKU as well as IHE Delft is 15th June 2022.
If you intend to apply for the 2022 ADC or OKP fellowships for LWM, your IPGL application profile has to be complete before 7th February 2022 and your application for admission at IHE Delft hast do be submitted by 15th March 2022 at the latest! The application window for OKP is 2nd February - 22nd March 2022 and applications for the ADC fellowship are open until 15th May 2022.

Do I have to apply with both IHE Delft and BOKU?

Yes. You can find links to both application platforms here.

I have encountered a problem logging into my account on the IPGL application platform – what is wrong?

1. Please re-check if you are on the correct website and try to access your account via the “Login” button on the upper right.
2. Did you put in your username and password correctly? Your username is always the e-mail address you used to register your account. If you forgot your password, use the “Forgot Password?” option under the "log in" button. If you never received the initial e-mail with information regarding your password, please re-check your e-mail account and spam folder.
3. If you are still having trouble, please contact the IPGL-Office (
ipgl(at)boku.ac.at) for help.

What can I do if my name / date of birth / etc. is not the same on all the documents I have uploaded to the application platform?

Please inform the IPGL-office (ipgl(at)boku.ac.at) about the inconsistencies and why they ocurred.

I do not have a (valid) passport – can I still apply?

Yes. Please provide a different proof of identity like an official ID or a birth certificate. However, be aware that you will need a valid passport for admission procedures.

I have additional qualifications to my Bachelor’s degree (e.g. a MSc degree) – should I upload those documents as well?

Yes. Please provide us with all relevant documents regarding your education, so we can make an informed decision in our evaluation process. Upload additional documents together with your BSc certificate.

I have uploaded all required documents to my profile on the IPGL application platform – what happens now?

Now the IPGL-Office will check your application. As soon as your application profile has been evaluated, the status will be set to “eligible” or “incomplete”, depending on the state of the documents you provided. Each status change will come with a message (via email and on the platform itself) explaining what to do next – so check your emails (also the spam folder) and profile regularly.

I have received a letter of conditional admission from IHE Delft & a letter of substantive eligibility from BOKU – what are my next steps?

Now, you can apply for fellowships (we recommend you apply for more than one to better your chances) to fund your studies.

Self-funding is of course always a possibility as well. In any case, please inform the IPGL-Office (ipgl(at)boku.ac.at) about your choice of funding.

What is a certified copy?

Authenticated or certified copies are copies with an official stamp to verify that the copies are true copies of original documents. This official stamp may be from one of the following: a solicitor/notary, the educational institution from where the student gained the diplomas or the local council/local authority/local government office.

Please be aware that, for some countries, a full legalisation of documents will be necessary for admission to BOKU. You can check if your home country is on the list and how to proceed in case it is here.

When and where should I send my original certified copies?

Upon our request, send your original certified copies (including certified translation and full authentication, if applicable) via air mail to:
University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna
Institute of Hydrobiology and Aquatic Ecosystem Management
IPGL office
Gregor Mendel Strasse 33/DG/34
1180 Vienna

I have received a message that I should send original certified copies via postal service – what exactly should I send and what should I be mindful of?

Make sure you send the original certified copies of your BSc certificate and transcripts that you received from your institute of education and not just copies or scans!
If your documents are in a different language you will also have to send a certified translation into English language along with the aforementioned certified copies.

I have received a message that I should send original certified copies via postal service, but I already applied last year / in earlier years. Do I still have to send the copies again?

Please contact the IPGL-Office (ipgl(at)boku.ac.at) and let us know. In most cases you will not have to send the original certified copies again.

Can't find a solution to your problem here? Please contact the IPGL-Office (ipgl(at)boku.ac.at) directly for help!