LWM Graduation at BOKU, 2019

On 26th of April 2019 five LWM students graduated from BOKU. During the last eight months they travelled to tropical ecosystems like river Mara, Gura, Sagana (in Kenya) as well as river Megech and lake Tana (in Ethiopia) to conduct their MSc research. After successfully defending their theses the graduation was celebrated with colleagues, family and friends at the BOKU festive hall.

Finis coronat opus!

Am 27. April fand im Festsaal der BOKU eine Graduierungsfeier für vier Limnology and Wetland Management Alumni statt. Der internationale Masterstudiengang führte die vier von der BOKU an die Egerton University (Kenia) und an das IHE-Delft (Niederlande). Nach diesen intensiven drei Semestern entschlossen sie sich dazu, ihre Masterarbeit an der BOKU zu verfassen. Im Anschluss an eine erfolgreiche Defensio wurde im Beisein des Vizerektors Prof. Obinger, der Department- und Institutsleitung, der BetreuerInnen, Familien und FreundInnen der Studienabschluss gefeiert. Schon bald werden sie ihr Joint Degree – unterschrieben vom Rektorat der drei kooperierenden Unis – in Händen halten! Das IPGL Team wünscht den frisch gebackenen Alumni alles Gute!

Since most of the LWM graduates leave directly after the MSc defensio back to their home countries, joining a regular BOKU graduation ceremony hadn't been possible for LWM graduates yet. Therefore, a special graduation ceremony was organised for five LMW students who are finishing their MSc studies at BOKU in April 2017. Right after the graduation, they returned to their home countries to apply their limnological expertise back home. In addition, five LWM students completed their studies simultaneously in Netherlands and Kenya. We are very proud of our LWM 2015-17 cohort and wish them the best for their future endeavours on behalf of the BOKU management members, MSc supervisors and IHG-staff!

This year’s Master’s research projects captured the following topics:

·         Heavy metals in catfish and surface water in Uganda

·         Cyanobacteria toxins in potable water in Uganda

·         Invasive fish species in the Danube River

·         Fish parasites in Central Ethiopia

·         Effect of light and nutrient inputs on the ecological functioning of streams

·         Impact of macrophytes on the zooplankton community of Lake Naivasha, Kenya

·         Nitrogen cycling and budgets in a Mangrove River System, The Sunderbans, Bangladesh

·         Algal growth dynamics in Lake Nokoué, Benin

·         On-farm formulated fish feeds for Nile Tilapia production in the Rift Valley Region of Kenya Fish parasites in Nile tilapia farms in Nakuru County, Kenya For more info on their research, please contact: ipgl(at)boku.ac.at or see here. Impressions of their research: