International Days - Find out more about the English and International Programmes Offered at BOKU!

We would like to invite you to the presentations of the English and International Master Programmes and the Euroleague for Life Sciences at BOKU during the International Days from 26th-27th November 2019!

Study fields Agricultural Sciences, Viticulture and Oenology, Forestry, Wood and Fibre Technology:

Date: 26th November 2019, from 12:25

Place: Schwackhöferhaus, SR 06

Note on the information on all legal aspects of studies (admission, examinations, completion,...): Only the information available on the websites of the study services is legally binding.


Programme Objectives:


  • To provide focused and specialised education in managing mountain forest resources with a global perspective
  • To teach students to recognise and solve problems regarding forest management and conservation in mountainous regions
  • To strengthen interdisciplinary approaches to mountain forestry, integrating aspects of engineering, socio-economics, natural sciences and other subject-specific disciplines related to mountain forest management

Programme Content:Poverty and high dependence on natural resources for day-to-day survival are major challenges for the management and conservation of mountain regions in developing countries. Additional pressure on natural resources and forested areas in particular is caused by global change, increased demand for resources and lack of available land for agricultural uses. Education plays a key role in those particular settings to enable local people to actively participate in the management of the area they inhabit. The Mountain Forestry Master programme aims to provide specialised knowledge to people living and working in mountainous areas in developing countries. The programme incorporates the current scientific and economic state of the art in mountain forest management. While it, of course, also covers theoretical aspects, the improvement of participants’ applied skills in this area is the main goal of the programme. This in turn directly translates to a substantial increase in their employability. In order to gain practical experience students also take part in three mandatory field exercises, where they can apply newly learned concepts in a controlled setting.

On the following webpages you will find detailed information about the Master Programme and the attendant administrative issues. Further information are also available at the institute's webpage.



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