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We would like to invite you to the presentations of the English and International Master Programmes and the Euroleague for Life Sciences at BOKU during the International Days from 26th-27th November 2019!

Study fields Water Managment and Environmental Engineering, Natural Resources Management and Ecological Engineering and Food Science and Biotechnology:

Date: 27th November 2019, from 17:00

Place: Muthgasse III, SR 13

Note on the information on all legal aspects of studies (admission, examinations, completion,...): Only the information available on the websites of the study services is legally binding.

MSc Water Management and Environmental Engineering (WMEE)

The Master degree programme allows students to consolidate their knowledge of the areas and working practices within the applied sciences and their engineering-related applications. This study programme is aimed at enabling the use of the natural resource water by humans as well as ensuring its provision, diagnosing natural hazards and developing solutions for the protection and management of natural hazards. The Master study programme is designed as a programme in English. This means that all courses are offered in English. Students’ achievements such as exams, seminar papers and the Master theses therefore have to be completed in English. Consequently, adequate competences of the English language are obligatory. 

The Master study programme offers two specialisation options: 

  1. Water Management and Engineering  
  2. Mountain Risk Engineering 

These specialisations are explicitly stated in the final degree document.

Knowledge and personal and professional skills 

Water management aims at the sustainable use and safeguarding of the resource water. 

Thereby, it finds itself in an area of conflict of economic and ecologic objectives. The understanding of the water circle has to be the basis for all water management measures. It is imperative that the multifaceted functions of the natural potential water in its interplay with the soil is used and protected in the most perfect and purposeful way. Furthermore, it needs to be sustainable safeguarded for our livelihood. It gets harder and harder to provide the adequate quantity of water and, in particular, to also ensure sufficient water quality. Therefore, the focus on exceedingly complex ecological interrelationships and interdependencies gets more and more important. 

For this professional training, a good basic scientific knowledge is required, in addition to a comprehensive understanding of the sustainable use of resources and a logical mind for responsible planning, design, construction and maintenance. During the Master degree programme, graduates of "Water Management and Environmental Engineering" acquire knowledge and skills in the areas of hydrology, water management planning, constructive hydraulic engineering and river management, cultural water and groundwater management, settlement water management, industrial water management and water protection, hydrobiology and water ecology, waste management. 

On the following webpages you will find detailed information about the Master Programme and the attendant administrative issues.

Further information are also available at the institute's webpage.

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