ACA is happy to announce the release of a new title in its monograph series ACA Papers on International Cooperation in Education. The publication - European and national policies for academic mobility. Linking rhetoric, practice and mobility trends - was produced by ACA in cooperation with two of its member organisations, Nuffic and DAAD, with the financial support of the Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP) of the European Union. The book explores and analyses student (and staff) mobility policies and strategies at both the European level and across the 32 countries participating in the Lifelong Learning Programme. It includes a historical account of the evolution of EU mobility policies over the past 25 years, a comparative overview of national-level approaches to mobility, as well as in-depth presentations of the national mobility policies of eight selected countries - Austria, Cyprus, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Spain and the United Kingdom. A central issue explored within the study is that of "convergence" or "divergence". That is to say, if, how and to what degree there is similarity between the national and European-level policy objectives in the area of international student (and staff) mobility. Attention is also paid to the alignment (or lack thereof) between stated policy objectives and the "reality", i.e. recent mobility trends. The book can be ordered directly from the publisher - Lemmens Verlag.