In the State Programmer in High Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2011-2015 years has given more attention for developing of International Academic Mobility of students and teachers. According to above Programmer Kazakh National Agrarian University has opportunity to:
Invite foreign lecturers to teach BSc, MSc, PhD students of the Kazakh National Agrarian University (KazNAU), thus flexibility in constructing and conducting lectures, lab work with taking exam and grading in student’s record book as well as practical seminars is foreseen. Сredits given below could be taught (min. 2 weeks) via intensive teaching. Guest lecturers are free to come up with suggestions for the way of lecturing. Expenses covered:
1. Air-ticket (two-way, economy);
2. Visa and medical insurance;
3. Accommodation (hotel.) and per diem;
4. Payment for lecturing 120 USD per academic hours (= 50 minutes).
5. Free access to Internet, and other necessary working facilities Guest lecturers are invited to teach in one of the following topics:
Code Nomenclature of specialties
BSc, MSc, PhD Ecology
BSc, MSc Biotechnology
BSc, MSc Technological machines and equipment (according to domain)
BSc, MSc Processing Technology (according to domain)
BSc, MSc Technology of food products
MSc Food safety
BSc, MSc,PhD Agronomy
BSc, MSc, PhD  Technology of animal products processing
BSc, MSc Hunting management and fur-farming
BSc, MSc Fish industry and industrial fishery
BSc, MSc,PhD Water resources and water using
BSc, MSc, PhD Agrarian techniques and technologies
BSc, MSc,PhD Wood resources and forestry
BSc, MSc, PhD Soil science and agrochemistry
BSc, MSc,PhD Horticulture
BSc, MSc  Land improvement, re-cultivation and land protection
BSc, MSc, PhD Plant protection and quarantine
BSc, MSc,PhD Land use planning
BSc, MSc,PhD Cadastre