The project was accredited by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research and the courses will start in September, 2014. It is intended to train directly operational expert breeders, also possessing a transverse strong skill in biotechnologies including the molecular and bio-computing tools and the capacity to combine these knowledges.

This International Master's degree, of 2 years, will be taught in English with a strong implication of private partners. The education of second year will be outsourced on the campus of Ghent. It was certified recently by the competitiveness clusters " Cereal Valley " and " Industries and Agro-ressources ". 10 months of professionalizing internship in company will allow the transfer and the application of the knowledge on the commercial species of interest for companies.

It concerns mainly students with a Bachelor's degree in a domain related to genetics or plant physiology and keen on specializing on the practical applications in plant breeding,

We wish to work with companies or organizations interested to hire young operational breeders, which could take care of some fees. Alternately, students can apply individually for grants. (  )

Informations and registration files are available at : .

Registration is due June 1st, 2014.