The Institute of Development Policy (IOB - UAntwerp) offers three advanced MSc programmes in Development Studies for development professionals from all over the world (scholarships available!).

Globalisation and Development
•    Tackle the great challenges of our time: migration, climate and environment and more equal distribution of wealth through trade, global value chains and labour markets
•    Study the opportunities of inclusive development at the interface of global and local development processes
•    Assess policy and programme interventions and the role of public and private actors therein.

Development Evaluation and Management
•    Assess the strengths and weaknesses of the development paradigms and the role of external actors in that respect.
•    Attain a better understanding of implementation, monitoring and evaluation of development policies and programmes.
•    Analyse the interaction between national institutions, local politics and external actors.

Governance and Development
•    Analyse governance in the interaction between the dynamics at the national level and the local level.
•    Attain a better understanding of the processes of state formation, state failure and state reconstruction.
•    Explore the issues of governance and development against the background of violent conflict and the challenge of post-conflict state reconstruction.

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