International Master programme Danbue AgriFood

Sustainability in Agriculture, Food Production and Food Technology in the Danube Region

Understanding the intercultural and regional aspects of sustainable agriculture and food technology is crucial in finding viable pathways to long-term success in Central and Eastern European agriculture. This joint master programme will give the students the possibility to improve their knowledge and grow their skill-set regarding the intercultural and social aspects, anthropic landscape and natural resources - related to sustainability in agriculture and the food industry in the Danube region.

All partner universities of the Danube AgriFood master programme are members of the CASEE network that consists of Central and South Eastern European Higher Education Institutions relating to the Life Science disciplines (agriculture, food, biotechnology, natural resources, rural development and the environment).

NEW! Extended application deadline: August 20.
Please contact agrifood-casee(at)  (expression of interest) before submitting your documents.

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