790369 Practical course in cell culture and fermentation (in Eng.)

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Hunjadi, Monika , Egger, Dominik , Kasper, Cornelia , Kunert, Renate , Schosserer, Markus , Borth, Nicole
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Sommersemester 2022
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Since it does not look like we will be able to hold the practical course in the usual mode even in the summer semester, we will offer courses under tightened security measures starting in March.

Please register only if you:

- Are willing to participate in the exercises under these conditions
- Already meet one of the prerequisites at the time of registration:
Completion, including registered grade, of one of the following courses: 790351, 790318, 790367 (otherwise you will be deregistered).

Exercises are conducted under strict safety precautions. Read the document uploaded under "Additional Information" carefully. Before the exercises begin, you will sign to acknowledge that you have read and understand these safety measures and will follow them throughout the exercise.

The number of participants will be reduced to 6 in order to maintain proper distances. However, the course can only take place if all places are booked, as the amount of preparation is very large and out of proportion for a smaller group.

A FFP2 mask must be worn throughout the exercises, which we are happy to provide if required.

Both supervisors and students will be tested for COVID19 by our BOKU test team before the start and also during the exercises (2x/week), sampling will be done by gargle tests. Exact dates and procedure will be announced to all participants in time.

We are confident that we can thus guarantee a very hazard-free work and are pleased to be able to offer you this possibility.


!!!! Check expected previous knowledge before registering !!!!

Part "3 D cell culture"Beispiel "3 D Zellkultur"
Besiedelung einer 3 D Matrix mit Zellen einer Modellzelllinie
Viabilität (MTT)
Zellkernfärbung (DAPI)

Beispiel "Transfection, Characterization and Imaging of Mammalian Cells":
- Transfection of Hela cells with plasmids coding for fluorescent proteins
- Immunofluorescence staining for cell-type specific markers
- Chromosome preparation
- Microscopy
- Discussion and interpretation of results

Beispiel "Bioprocessing of mammalian cells"
- Assembly and programming of a stirred tank bioreactor
- Sterile connection of periphery
- Medium preparation and inoculation of the bioreactor with recombinant CHO cells
- Daily sampling to determine cell concentration, viability, recombinant protein concentration, nutrient and metabolite concentrations
- Documentation and adjustment of relevant culture parameters e.g. pH, DO etc.
- Data analysis and interpretation

Inhaltliche Voraussetzungen (erwartete Kenntnisse)

Master Biotechnologie oder Doktoratsstudierende, Bachelorstudierende werden nicht akzeptiert.
Weiters muss eine der folgenden Prüfungen bereits positiv absolviert worden sein:
Zellfabriken (791351) oder Zellkultur (791318) oder Stem cells and tissue engineering (791367)


Studenten gewinnen ein grundlegendes Verständnis der Zellkulturtechnik und des Umgangs und Betreibens eines Bioreaktors zur rekombinanten Proteinproduktion. Sie sind in der Lage, einfache Arbeiten mit primären und etablierten Zelllinien durchzuführen und kritische Arbeitsschritte zu erkennen. Studenten sind mit der Versuchsplanung, -auswertung und Dokumentation vetraut und können die Ergebnisse vor einem Publikum präsentieren und diskutieren.
Noch mehr Informationen zur Lehrveranstaltung, wie Termine oder Informationen zu Prüfungen, usw. finden Sie auf der Lehrveranstaltungsseite in BOKUonline.