New BIMat Ph.D. students

After a long wait during the pandemic, it is finally time to expand the institute again. Mr. Chizzola and Ms. Sathish have recently joined us to perform their Ph.D. thesis work within the Marie-Sklodowska Curie International Training Network STIMULUS. They will also be the first BIMat members of the BioMatInt doctoral school.

The work of Mr. Chizzola and Ms. Sathish focuses on developing new delivery systems for antibiotics in wound dressings and identifying and tracking bacteria in 3D, respectively. The overall aim of their projects is to provide technology that alleviates the challenge of healthcare-associated infections in burn wound care, especially for children. However, the fundamental aspects of their work have the potential to impact many more areas in nanoscale delivery systems and detection of microparticles in the environment, food and biotech production, and healthcare

We are delighted to welcome two such great new students to BIMat!