Poster prize

Ms. Bognanni has worked with Dr. Antonino Puglisi on cyclodextrin functionalized nanoparticles as a novel nanotherapy for neurodegenerative diseases. She won the MDPI-sponsored first prize for her poster at the V International Summer School on Cyclodextrins.

Ms. Bognanni has worked in BIMat for half a year on a joint project with her home university in Catania, the group of Prof. Graziella Vecchio. She has successfully developed and tested a version of superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles that are highly functionalized with cyclodextrins. The cyclodextrins can, e.g., remove cholesterol from the lysosome in cells, which are targeted by the nanoparticles designed to also pass the blood-brain barrier. The quality of her results paid off in the competition for first prize in the poster competition at the V International Summer School on Cyclodextrins in Ascea, Italy.