Second BIMat spin-out: Holloid GmbH

Holloid GmbH has now been incorporated! It brings the benefits of high-speed 3D imaging and optical characterization to the market in order to detect, identify and sort colloids, such as dispersed particles, cells, and microorganisms, through innovative hardware and software solutions.

Holloid’s technology builds on more than 10 years of BIMat fundamental research, which is now finally ready for commercialization. This technology uniquely puts the power of 3D microscopy of micron-sized objects such as bacteria, cells, and microparticles in the hands of the process manager without the need for the user to invest in expensive analytical equipment or research-trained personnel. Holloid automates the quantification of pathogens and particle contaminants. An example use case is providing data for bioprocess control by monitoring the type, concentration, and state of microorganisms in bioproduction, thereby enabling productivity optimization, quality and contamination control, and providing an early-warning system to reduce waste.

The core of Holloid’s unique technology and source of revenue is software to analyze holographic data in real-time (ten times faster), with twice the contrast and twice the resolution compared to any other technology. The impact of these improvements is much more significant than merely providing better pictures faster; they allow us to reliably find, e.g., bacteria in a bioreactor or yeast in a fermenter, and to automate the analysis to identify them and their state. Both as part of continued fundamental research within BIMat and within Holloid focused on customer needs, we continue to develop unique algorithms to classify bacteria and particles from digital holograms supported by AI to identify them.

Holloid’s first product offer includes inexpensive hardware that can be installed for in-line monitoring on production lines or in bioreactors to record 3D-microscopy data at high throughput. These inexpensive devices send data for analysis via cloud computing following a software-as-a-service model. The resulting low barrier to entry and scalability for both Holloid and the customer is especially attractive for small cash-strapped companies and low-margin, high-volume businesses.

If you want to know more, you can have a look at Holloid’s website or contact Dr. Peter van Oostrum.