Affinity of Ramipril and quercitine to human serum albumin

Research stay financed by OeAD (grant number ICM-2017-06608) helps to clarify the interaction between the antihypertensive drug Ramipril and the plant flavonoid quercetin in the presence of human serum albumin.


Zuzana Vanekova from the Comenius University in Bratislava (Department of Pharmacognosy and Botany) spent a whole summer in the laboratories of the Institute of Biophysics at the Department of Nanobiotechnology to carry out the study, in which fluorescence spectroscopy and circular dichroism measurements were carry out. The study was complemented with microscale thermophoresis and molecular docking studies.

The main findings indicate that the binding to human serum albumin for Ramipril is weaker than for Quercetin. In addition, the study also show that the interaction between Rimipril and Quercetin during plasmatic distribution should be clinically insignificant.

Full article in Molecules 2020, 25(3), 547: "Analysis of Binding Interactions of Ramipril and Quercetin on Human Serum Albumin: A Novel Method in Affinity Evaluation" by  Zuzana Vaneková et al.