This years Topic: Transition Towns - Urban Food Production and Rapid Urban Development

  • urban gardening in Vienna; picture: Anna Porcuna
  • urban gardening in Vienna; picture: Anna Porcuna

This year’s CSC focuses on urban agriculture and food production in the context of rapid urban development. The task for the students is to analyze the circumstances, dynamics and challenges of current food production in Vienna.

Each group of students is expected to create scenarios for the future development of a selected case study. To establish such visions for the future, the students will follow the methodological approach of “system orientated scenario development”.

The case-study will be based on an agricultural site within the city of Vienna that has been used, till very recently, for agricultural production. Currently and in the context of rapid urban development that goes along with the increasing need for housing and other urban facilities, the place can’t be used for agricultural production anymore

 Its use needs to be re-thought and re-invented so that it fits with the actual situation and city of Vienna urban development plans”.

During the CSC students will get support from lecturers from three ELLS Universities (BOKU, UHOH, WULS) and get in touch with different stakeholders related to the case, such as farmers, real estate developers, local NGOs and representatives of respective city administration.

Furthermore the students will also visit interesting best practice examples of innovative and novel ways of urban food production in the city of Vienna: established community supported agriculture, green city development projects, grass root urban gardening projects etc.

All teams will work on the same Case-study, which will be soon selected by the organizers. The information on the case will be available by beginning of May through the E-learning platform.