Guest Lecture: Vesna Zupanc

Vorbesprechungstermin am 12.10.2016 um 13 Uhr im Seminarraum im 2. Stock (02/52)

Vesna Zupanc will be a guest professor at the Institute of Hydraulics and Rural Water Management this semester. She is teaching two classes, “Land Improvement as Part of Environmental Planning” (in English, 815019) and the accompanying laboratory course “Numerical and Lab Methods in Land Amelioration” (also in English, 815021).

Working at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, Dr. Vesna Zupanc has 20 years of experience in agricultural land management and agrohydrology. In addition to her research work, and teaching melioration and agricultural land management classes since 1997, she has considerable working experience outside university. In the past decade she has been an expert advisor for agricultural land preservation during the construction of hydropower plants on the lower Sava River, Slovenia. This opportunity has given her unique, interdisciplinary knowledge on interaction between agricultural and construction sector. She has been assistant professor for environmental planning since 2012.

The two courses reflect the notion of accelerated pace of agricultural land degradation. Fertile soil loss occurs at an alarming rate: in a year, an area thrice the size of Switzerland is lost for agricultural production worldwide. The process of land degradation is a real-world driver and amplifier of instability. Given the scope and severity of the problem, calls for large scale land and soil rehabilitation are soon to be expected.

In the course, students will learn about major soil threats and degradation, and learn from case studies of good and bad management practices of land improvement and restoration. In the lab soil physical characteristics will be evaluated on soils from restoration areas.