GDUS - Gender, Diversity and Urban Sustainability

What is GDUS?

  • GDUS is an informal network of scholars and practitioners in urban planning. Its aim is to bring together work carried out relating to gender and diversity issues to urban studies and planning theory.
  • GDUS represents different disciplines such as spatial planning, urban design, environmental psychology, landscape planning and social policy within the field of sustainable spatial development.
  • Each member brings in experience of either research or practice in a gender aware approach.
  • The network operates through this website

    Objectives of the GDUS-network

    • to organise expertise across EU-member states and explain implications for practice and policies regarding gender-aware planning
    • to recommend best practices that support sustainable urban development
    • to experiment with innovative methods of knowledge exchange with practitioners, policymakers and citizens groups
    • to develop new evaluation tools for urban policies that take account of gender
    • to evaluate the effectiveness and impact of policies
    • to draw recommendations for different stakeholders, planning systems and scales
    • to disseminate GDUS results across the member states
    • to develop knowledge that will advance spatial planning theory and practice

    Information Folder GDUS-Network (PDF, 1.1 MB)

    Information on GDUS-History (PDF, 114 KB)