Aktuell zu vergebende Masterarbeiten

Forstliche Fernerkundung:

Betreuung: Prof. Dr. Clement Atzberger
Mitbetreuung:  Markus Immitzer

[1] Analyse der Veränderung der Landbedeckung im Biosphärenpark Wiener Wald basierend auf Landsat Daten (Kontakt: M. Immitzer)

[2] Using hyperspectral data for tree species classification (Kontakt: M.Immitzer)

[3] Erfassung von biophysikalischen Parametern von Wäldern durch Strahlungstransfermodellierung  (Kontakt: M.Immitzer)

Weitere Themen zur forstlichen Fernerkundung  auf Anfrage:

Themen: Baumartenklassifkation, Change detection, Vitalität
Datensätze: Multi bis Hyperspektrale Daten von UAV, Flugzeug und Satellit
Kontakt: M. Immitzer, markus.immitzer(at)boku.ac.at

(#) Zusätzliche Voraussetzung: Kenntnisse in MATLAB bzw. die Bereitschaft, sich diese anzueignen

Land use and land cover mapping:

[1] # Detection and mapping of invasive species (Kontakt: C. Atzberger)

[2] Unmixing of AVHRR time series using neural nets for mapping winter crop area at sub-pixel level. Accuracy at different scales and relation to agricultural policies (Kontakt: C. Atzberger)

[3] Application of dot grid sampling strategies for illicit crop monitoring (Kontakt: T. Bauer & C. Atzberger)

[4] # Monitoring urban development using Landsat data archived over the last 25 years (Kontakt: F. Vuolo & C. Atzberger)

Multi temporal remote sensing:

[1] # Near real time (NRT) filtering of coarse resolution MODIS time series using the Whittaker smoother (C. Atzberger & A. Klisch)

[2] # Comparison of Whittaker smoother and Savitzky-Golay filter for coarse resolution time series smoothing using real and synthetic data (C. Atzberger, A. Klisch & M. Mattiuzzi)

[3] # Use of MODIS time series for mapping phenological indicators and comparison with network observations (Austria and Germany) (C. Atzberger, A. Klisch & M. Mattiuzzi)

[4] # Comparative analysis of different algorithms for mapping start and maximum of season (SOS and MOS) using MODIS time series (C. Atzberger & A. Klisch)

[5] # Use of MODIS time series for land use land cover (LULC) mapping based on support vector machines (SVM) and optimized training samples and feature sets (C. Atzberger & F. Vuolo)

[6] # Recurrence analysis of MODIS time series (C. Atzberger)

[7] # Trend and break-point analysis of MODIS time series (C. Atzberger)

[8] # Fitting of variograms (SPOT-VGT) in different seasons and interpretation of derived parameters as indicators for large-scale (spatio-temporal) structural diversity (C. Atzberger & F. Vuolo) 

[9] # Unravelling time-lagged teleconnections between sea surface temperature (SST) and vegetation anomalies (C. Atzberger)

[10] # Assimilation of agro-meteorological data and satellite-derived information for the estimation of crop water requirements from field to river basin scale (F. Vuolo & C. Atzberger)

[11] # Pan-sharpening of coarse resolution time series (C. Atzberger & F. Vuolo)

Estimation of biophysical variables:

[1] # Feature selection for optimized radiative transfer model (RTM) inversion using hyperspectral data (agricultural and grassland sites) (C. Atzberger & F. Vuolo)

[2] # Feature selection for optimized radiative transfer model (RTM) inversion using multi-directional data (forest site) (C. Atzberger & F. Vuolo)

[3] # Tasselled Cap revisited using PLS (Partial Least Squares) for simultaneous retrieval of soil brightness, leaf area index and canopy chlorophyll content (C. Atzberger & F. Vuolo)

[4] # Object-based soil brightness mapping under partial vegetation coverage using PROSAIL radiative transfer model (C. Atzberger & F. Vuolo)

[5] # Impact of different atmospheric correction techniques on the retrieval of leaf area index and canopy chlorophyll content (F. Vuolo & C. Atzberger)

GIS & Spatial Modelling:

[1] # Modelling the spatio-temporal distribution of invasive species (C. Atzberger & F. Suppan)

[2] Collection and cleaning of Landsat images over Austria and Germany and integration into IVFL’s geodatabase (C. Atzberger & F. Vuolo)

[3] # Evaluation of synergies between medium resolution optical data and course resolution thermal data (F. Vuolo)