Lecture and discussion by Professor Andreas Faludi from TU Delft


The Terretorial Agenda was elaborated by the European Union and provides an "action-oriented framework to promote territorial cohesion in Europe: a future for all places." (https://territorialagenda.eu/)

Professor Andreas Faludi will discuss the concept of territorialism and the limits, challenges, and possibilities of the EU Territorial Agenda. The lecture will be live and Stream https://bokuvienna.zoom.us/j/62731568422
15th of May at 14.00 in the Faculty Club (SCHW-DG/105)

The lecture is organised by the Institute of Landscape Architecture within the scope of the Interreg Project "ReInd-BBG" - Reindustrialisation following the Brownfield is Better than Greenfield Principle. The project focuses on the reuse of brownfields and existing structures instead of new land consumption.