Another step to strengthen education and research exchange network

IVe and DAVeMoS are a part of recently approved CEEPUS MADPOV programme, an academic and regional cooperation network which aims to achieving sustainability of the decarbonisation goals of motor vehicles and sustainable mobility.

In particular this network is focusing on the issues of vehicle design, the production, operation, repair and recycling. The conventional vehicles and the emergence of automation technology and alternative electric, hybrid and hydrogen-powered vehicles raise a number of questions related to the implementation of modern approaches to vehicle design.

The Network was created to help connect Central and Eastern Europe to address not only engineering and technological issues, but also social, economic and legal aspects in its activities.

The field of research in the network requires the application of multi-discipline and cross-discipline areas such as transport and vehicles, communication and information systems and technologies, electronics, ecology, new materials. The network follows the goals of the Danube strategy for regional cohesion and the creation of a strong network of higher education institutions.

The development of specialized training programs that combine technical and relational skills and the promotion of broader cooperation between research and education institutions will definitely support processes to tackle transport challenges and limit the adverse impact of vehicles in the Central and Eastern Europe regions, with an emphasis on the Danube area.