Overall goal:

The project will enhance livelihoods in Bhutan through improved adaptation measures to climate change and increase carbon stocks in the country.

Project goals:

The adaptation and mitigation potentials of main Bhutanese forest types are characterized and land users are able to adopt climate sensitive land use management schemes.

(1) Characterizing stress tolerances and climate change adaptation and mitigation potentials of main forest types in Bhutan;

(2) Developping susceptibility models for climate change relevant biotic disturbance agents and fire;

(3) Developping restoration strategies for increasing carbon stocks and combating species losses on degraded lands;

(4) Educating Bhutanese experts in climate change adaptation measures in forestry and REDD+ opportunities through in-country courses and workshops as well as through formal academic education through the mountain forestry master course and doctoral studies at BOKU;

(5) Forming and training a national expert group on adaptation measures to climate change

(6) Training Bhutanese forest scientists, government officials and other relevant stakeholders in effective dissemination and uptake of scientific knowledge in thefield of climate sensitive forestry and land use.