Training in climate change adaptation in forestry and REDD+ opportunities

The effects of climate change and changes of land-use patterns are particularly severe in mountain regions. Global energy problems and the attempt to substitute fossil energy with renewable energy sources have triggered an increase in the demand for biomass. This may increase the potential for landuse-conflicts with severe consequences for people living in mountainous areas. Therefore foresters are faced with multiple stakeholder interests and a complex management of mountain forests.

In this work package, two types of training modules are offered to Bhutanese experts and students:
(1) In-country courses and workshops/conferences for Bhutanese experts in climate change adaptation measures in forestry and REDD+ opportunities
(2) Academic education through grants for the English language Master course “Mountain Forestry” as well as doctoral studies at BOKU University, Vienna: 8 MSc degrees with theses embedded in project research activities (work packages 1-3) and 3 PhD degrees each focusing on one research work package (1-3).
The students will also receive special and additional trainings, both in Austria and Bhutan on climate sensitive forestry and REDD+.