William Keeton

Lernen aus natürlichen Störungen in Waldökosystemen: Wegweiser für eine adaptive Waldbewirtschaftung

Every year the U.S. Fulbright Program sends scholars from the U.S. to Europe and brings European students and faculty to academic institutions in the United States.  Winning one such award, Dr. William Keeton, Professor of Forest Ecology and Forestry at the University of Vermont, has started a four-month term as a Fulbright Scholar in BOKU’s Institute for Forest Ecology.

At BOKU, Dr. Keeton will lead a pan-European assessment of natural disturbance effects in forest ecosystems, comparing these against various forest management approaches.  In collaboration with scientists from across the continent, and employing a dataset spanning 14 countries, the project will help guide development of silvicultural approaches intended to more closely emulate natural disturbance regimes.  Dr. Keeton is hosted at BOKU by Drs. Georg Gratzer and Klaus Katzensteiner; he will teach a graduate seminar entitled Global Forest Restoration later this spring.

Dr. Keeton will give a public presentation for the BOKU community on April 12 at 13:00.  The presentation will be entitled “Learning from natural disturbances in forest ecosystems: signposts for adaptive forest managements.”  To join the seminar via Zoom, please follow this link.

For more information on Dr. Keeton’s program while at BOKU, please see this link.  For more information, including email address and office location, please click here.